Pathmanath Samaraweera


Pathmanath Samaraweera is one of Sri Lanka's foremost wildlife artists today.

‘Alongside a busy professional career, Dr. Samaraweera has acquired a reputation not only for his art, but also as a wildlife photographer and conservationist. In the latter role he was for several years an active member of the committee of the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society.

Two features of the artist are an exceptional skill at conveying the colours of our birds particularly praised by experts for the difficult task of accurate rendition of a bird's colours and, secondly, the portrayal of exact poses as captured by his own field sketches and 'working' photographs. He states that he "has been especially inspired by the work and style of G. M. Henry, the author of A guide to the birds of Ceylon and bird illustrator par excellence, to attempt to depict the birds with ornithological accuracy and 'alive'".

‘Wings in the wilderness’ an exhibition of bird paintings:

His paintings of the newly discovered Serendib Scops Owl Otus thilohoffmanni appears as the frontispiece of the original paper describing the species.

‘A new species of scops owl from Sri Lanka’

At present he is a committee member and Joint Editor of the Ceylon Bird Club. In semi retirement from his professional career, he now devotes more time to painting.


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